Upholstery - Megapunt - Likentextil - Generos de Punto
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In the upholstery section, one of our main products is fleece fabric, which is usually used to manufacture bed and sofa blankets as well as travel blankets (we cover weights from 180 g to 320 g with brushed, fire-retardant, water-repellent finishes, etc. ). Another similar product is coral used for home textiles and clothing (bathrobes, layette products, etc.).
In this section we also include as a star product the plain knits of special widths (up to 3.20 m) with applications such as mattresses, fitted sheets or sofa covers, laminate, etc.
Likewise, we have fabrics used for outdoor furniture, neoprene for poufs, chairs and pool furniture, fabrics as interior support for seat covers, upholstery fabrics for chairs, tables and tents for events.